What a freakin’ day!

Lord have mercy what a day! Actually it has been a stressful couple of weeks. So my 6 year old tested positive for strep. Then he had to get a tooth pulled. Then right after that he tests positive for flu A. After we get over all of that funness we have a wonderful first day back to school for my little man. We wake up at 6am, get dressed, brushed our teeth, and got him on the bus. Everything seems to be going fine. Then I get a phone call from my little sister. She and her boyfriend of 4 years just broke up 2 weeks ago and she just recently started talking to this new guy. Nothing serious but she is trying to move on and what not. Anyway, she calls me as she is on her way to college to inform me that her ex boyfriend and his entire family found out about the new guy and decided that it would be mature to slander her name all over social media. So then, me being big sister end up in a typing war with her ex boyfriend and his sister… Not my proudest moment, but ya know, she is my sister so… What did they expect?

Shortly after this my mom comes over, around 8:30 am. Just to hang out. Which is nice. But then our “handy man” comes over a couple hours later and informs me that I need to leave my house so he can fix our guest bathrooms pipes and he has to shut our water off. Well a few hours later I am driving home and happen to see something that made me cry and almost throw up…. A man, dragging his dog, picking him up and slamming him on the ground, and then he continues to slam his head into the ground. I stopped right in the middle of the road and he sees me and throws his hands up in the air… I drive off and end up calling the cops on him for animal abuse.

Then when I get home our “handy man” informs me that we will be without water until tomorrow. Fan-freaking-tastic. This means, no baths, no dishes, no laundry, no flushing the toilet, no washing our hands (at least we have hand sanitizer). etc. etc.

Now I know that there are so many other people in this world who have it worse off than I do. But omg… This Tuesday is the most Monday Tuesday I have ever had.


Sorry for the rant. But my husband doesn’t want to hear me so I figure, I’ll make a bunch of strangers hear my complaining.